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Air Masin, Kukup (Malaysia)

Situated in the south-western tip of the state of Johore (in Malaysia), Kukup offers a great retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The island is relatively undeveloped but it is by far one of the safest part of the country. Throughout the year, the weekends are booked solid for weeks ahead, so plans to visit this Fishing Village must be made in advance unless you choose to travel during the weekdays.

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Visitors of this Fishing Village will not only get to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings but also the great hospitality offered by the residents there. During your stay, there will be tremendous amount of sumptuous seafood for your consumption and it's hard to find anyone who would leave this place complaining anything about food. In fact, certain resort owners actually provide the flexibility for you to catch your own live seafood that will be cooked during your meals. As a general guideline, there will be 'high-tea' served upon your arrival followed by a seafood BBQ that last till the wee hours of the morning. Breakfast will be light with some Chinese congee(also known as
porridge) that is part of the effort to line your stomach to prepare for a heavy seafood lunch at one of the nearby restaurants.

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Other attractions of this Fishing Village include boat rides for you to appreciate the beauty of the Kukup Island---the island that encompasses almost the whole collection of the red teak trees. There are also floating fish farms, commonly known as 'kelongs' for visitors to see how fish are being caught or reared. Every Thursday nights, there will be a night market known as 'pasar malam' where everyone gets to purchase daily groceries or enjoy finger snacks at a bargain price.

How To Get There?

There is ferry service from World Trade Centre (Singapore) that operates only during the weekends to bring visitors to Kukup on Saturday and back on Sunday. Alternatively, the resort owners do help to make transportation arrangements for visitors to make their way to Kukup. However, driving there is highly recommended as the drive is easy (about 80 km from Singapore) and offers great convenience to people who may decide to do some bargain shopping in Johore Bahru.