Applet Parameters text Text to display. font Font used to display text. fontSize Font size used to display text. italic Display text in italics. bold Display text in bold. background Background color to use (in hexadecimal). For example: &ltPARAM NAME="background" VALUE="000000"> is black &ltPARAM NAME="background" VALUE="ffffff"> is white delay Time (in milliseconds) to delay before changing color. offsetModifier Amount to add to RGB values between each change. This, combined with delay, provides the ability to "tweak" how fast and how smooth color changes appear. autoResize Set to "true" for the applet to "fit" to length and height of text. Otherwise, center applet in specified width height and width specified in browser. debug Display the width and height of the applet so there is no need to "guess" how wide/high to make the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters in a browser.